C-HEtS Phase II update

It has been almost a year, my blog is not updated :).
C-HEtS phase II is still in progress. I’ve seen the prototype. Some changes has been made as per request by the domain expert user. Expexted to roll-out in Feb 2010.

The modules are:
i. Patient portal – patient can login to the application from home to view their details.
ii. Radiology & image information system
iii. Drug request
iv. Laboratory request
v. Radiology request
vi. Procedure request
vii. Rehabilitation request
viii. Diet request
ix. Nursing request
x. Social worker request

Process of integration: Currently doing negotiation with the respective vendor. It may use HL7 or may not, depend on cost and readiness of the respective vendor.  This will include integration with existing laboratory and pharmacy system. Integration of our radiology & image information system with PACS is 98% completed, using DICOM & HL7 standard.

We are planning to implement full patient accounting system (from billing until trial balance: end-to-end) on 1st of Jan 2010.

Phase III C-HEtS is expected to start in Middle of 2010. The scope will includes:
i. Nursing documentation
ii. Clinical documentation
iii. Laboratory Information System
iv. Teaching & Learning System
v. Research

~ by atjamil on July 23, 2009.

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